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- Pipe Repair -

Have leaky or loud pipes? While small leaks may not seem like a big problem, they only worsen over time. Don't let water damage destroy your house or pipe squeal drive you crazy. With over 20 years combined experience we are experts at fixing your leaks and replacing whole house piping. Whether you have galvanized, copper or plastic piping, we have the know-how to fix your plumbing. Call us today for a quote and to schedule a repair.


- Faucet & Fixture Repair and Installation -

Whether you need a faucet or fixture repair or a new installation, we will get your plumbing job completed in a timely and affordable manner. We offer repair and installation for:

  • Faucets

  • Sinks

  • Toilets

  • Bathtubs

Don't put off scheduling a repair or replacing your old fixtures. Call Dan Jones Plumbing, LLC today!


- Drain & Sewer Line Cleaning -

Clogs happen. They are annoying and inconvenient and while most clogs are easily removed with a drain snake, some however, are more complicated. No matter how big or small the clog, we can have your drains or sewer lines cleaned, unclogged and back to normal in no time. Don't let slow drains slow down your life. Call us today for all your drain and sewer line cleaning needs.


- Water Conditioning -

Do you have hard water? Do you have high concentrations of mineral deposits in your water? Is it destroying your appliances and wreaking havoc with your pipes? Get clean, delicious water straight from your tap. We can recommend and install a water conditioning system that will give you clean, drinkable water. Save your pipes, save your appliances and save your wallet by calling us today to talk about installing a water conditioner in your home.


- Water Heater & Well Pump Repair and Installation -

Nothing is worse than having no hot water or no water at all. Dan Jones Plumbing, LLC offers full repairs on water heaters and well pumps. If your water pump or heater is just old or outdated we can install a new, energy efficient one. Call us today at 616-482-9500 for all your water heater and well pump needs.


- New Construction -

Dan Jones Plumbing, LLC offers complete plumbing services for new construction. From start to finish you can count on us to do the job right - from initial rough-in to final fixtures and appliances - we will get the job done right the first time. If you have a new construction project you are doing call the professionals at Dan Jones Plumbing today!


- Remodel and Additions -

Planning on building an addition or doing a remodel? Call the experts at Dan Jones Plumbing, LLC. We will give you expert advice on the best course to take and a price that you can afford. Don't skimp because you think you can't afford it. Get it done right! Call us today for an estimate. We guarantee you'll be impressed.

When you need a plumbing contractor contact Dan Jones Plumbing, LLC!

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